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I love it, when the most inconspicious scene, can leave you filled with wonder.

Love, peace and happiness for all life is what I envision in my perfect world, but who doesn't?

Peace I find, when I am exploring places in nature with my camera. In search of new motifs I forget the time, feel neither hungry nor cold and immerse myself completely in the moment. It's a source of inspiration for me and a place to unwind. Finding the beautiful and extraordinary in the ordinary drives me and gives me great joy.


My photographic journey has taken me from traveling abroad to iconic places back to places closer to my home. I realized that while I like a wonderful classic landscape photograph, the quieter, intimate scenes speak to me more, evoke a lot more emotion in me. I am particularly fascinated by trees and forests, which you will certainly see in my work.


In the last ten years I have learned to appreciate my local woodlands in the north of Switzerland. I am happy to live in an area where fog and mist are common, especially in spring and autumn. And that's my favorite combination, trees in the fog.

When I'm lucky enough to capture a special scene that speaks to my soul, I never get tired of looking at it. Whether the images evoke a feeling of joy or convey a rather contemplative mood, they all mean a lot to me.


So my wish is, whenever you look at my images, you will also see the wonder, immerse in the tranquility and feel at ease and peace.

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