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Once upon a time….. So this story could start. On a gorgeous, foggy autumn morning, in a beautiful Scottish Glen, full of gnarly Caledonian Pines, filigree birch and many other trees in their most colorful autumnal dresses, there, in the distance, down by the river, I spotted this crooked pine tree, and first could not believe my eyes. No question, I got to get down there. Totally soaked because of the wet bracken, with dirty clothes, after I had to crawl over some fallen trees, this breathtaking scene unfolded in front me. It was and still is the most exciting moment, in my photographic history. I knew this scene, the mood, the light everything was very special.

I was so excited, that I managed to capture this magical moment, just in time, when the fog lifted and the sun softly shining on this fairy-tale scene. I cannot help, but I see a Gentleman Scots Pine asking the little birch tree Lady for a dance, hence the title.

Shall we Dance

  • Image sizes (short edge x long edge):


    SMALL - Edition of 50
    Image: 20x30cm, 7.9x11.8" (plus border 0.5cm, 0.2")​

    MEDIUM - Edition of 25
    Image: 40x60cm, 15.7x23.6" (plus border 1cm, 0.39")​

    LARGE - Edition of 10:
    Image: 60x90cm, 23.6x35.4" (plus border 1cm, 0.39")

    ​EXTRA LARGE - Edition of 5:
    Image: 80x120cm, 31.5x47.2" (plus border 1cm, 0.39")

    For more information view the Sizing Guide

    Images are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo. This is the world’s first FineArt inkjet paper made from 90% bamboo fibres, for a natural look and environmentally friendly paper production. Bamboo is acid- and lignin-free and meets the most precise requirements in terms of age resistance. The unique combination of sustainable bamboo fibres, soft surface texture and impressive print quality gives the artwork outstanding expression and soul.



    Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It is signed, includes the image's name, edition number, print details and a serialized numbered hologram, which matches a second hologram on the back of your fine art print, to uniquely tie the certificate and art piece together.


    Prints are unmounted and unframed, so you can choose your own preferred mounting & framing. 

    For recommendations on framing and/or requests for framed prints please contact me on

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