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Framing information & recommendation

As I pay a lot of attention to the composition of my images, especially the edges, every part of the final print should be visible. Of course, it is up to the customer to decide how they would like to frame and display their fine art print. These are just my recommendations.

Framing with a mat

If you are framing a print, you may want to choose a larger frame with a mat and an opening in the mat that matches the size of the image.

IMPORTANT: Please note that standard size mats normally have a cut-out that is 1cm smaller than the actual image (for a 20cm x 30cm image, the mat opening would be 19cm x 29cm only). This means that especially with the smaller image sizes S and M, the mat would cover a significant part of the image, see the examples below.

So I recommend having a custom made mat where the cut-out is exactly the same size as the image (i.e. 20cm x 30cm). Alternatively, if you want to show a little of the white fine art paper, you can have a larger cut-out, e.g. 20.4 cm x 30.4 cm, to show 2 mm of the white paper.

Framing without a mat

If no mat is used for framing, it is important for the paper to not touch the glass, or your fine art print will be ruined by condensation. Ask your framer to use a box frame and/or spacers to make sure there's enough separation between glass and art print.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that standard sized frames will overlap the image by appr. 5 mm on each side and might cover important parts of the image, see the examples below


My recommendation is to use a larger standard size frame (if available) but with a custom made mat where the cut out is exactly the same size as the picture.

And if you want to enjoy the framed image in its full glory without any reflections, I recommend using museum glass or anti-reflective glass, which not only protects the print from UV light, but also virtually eliminates reflections.  

Please use only acid-free materials for framing, or at least for all parts that come into direct contact with the print.

When you have chosen your print, I will provide you with some framing suggestions (frame size and mat size).

Image coverage using standard mat sizes or standard frames without mat

The examples below show a coverage of 5 mm, which is common for standard mats and frames to hold an image in place.  See how much of the image is covered (the red part) depending on the print size:

Top left SMALL, Top right MEDIUM, Bottom left LARGE, Bottom right EXTRALARGE

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